Facebook marks a year…

Fb marks a year: A year of uncertainty and indelible hope, Of discovering unlikely heroes And acts of beautiful kindness. Not just crying at adverts, but the news as well. Throwing tantrums at school work - watched curiously by my five year old. Discovering a hate for Google Classroom A year of working at my … Continue reading Facebook marks a year…

Poem: Embers

We left the earth scorched Our dancing footprints, charred. A nod to the cold sunset, A kneel to the heat of the moon. The depth and breadth of you, Unfathomable odyssey. No more intrepid vista A shiny new shackle on the earth. So; the ash flies high It blackens my face and hands. My back … Continue reading Poem: Embers

Poem: Dorset

White horses met us on the shore. We; wind whipped and wide eyed, Braced to meet their thundering gait. Not the romantic amble I'd hoped; The jutting Jurassic coastline stole my gaze, The violent air took your words away. And although your hand clutched mine, Your wonder was at the force of nature, Which pushed … Continue reading Poem: Dorset

Poem: Heart for you

I dreamed of one with a heart for you How i prayed, full on, shopping list Bespoke boxes, ticks, previewed, I totally. Missed. A point. You craved for my heart to be for you Giving first, faithful, loving pure, Soulful soul mate, fixed, renewed You eagerly, stressed the point. Lies have kept me apart from … Continue reading Poem: Heart for you