Poem: Heart for you

HeartI dreamed of one with a heart for you
How i prayed, full on, shopping list
Bespoke boxes, ticks, previewed,
I totally. Missed. A point.

You craved for my heart to be for you
Giving first, faithful, loving pure,
Soulful soul mate, fixed, renewed
You eagerly, stressed the point.

Lies have kept me apart from you
Kingdom thirst, losing contentment
Fearful in love, tricked, askewed.
I selfishly pressed my point.

Love paves my way back to you,
Healing hurt, coaxing perspective
Making me trust, it’s you who’d
So readily made the point.


1 John 4:10

Poem: Sliding

I finish my first quickly, belligerently,
Avoiding clock, phone, others.
I feel my mood falter, dip…slide
Belligerently, I quickly finish my first.

I feel my mood falter, dip, slide
Headlong toward the stinging place.
I finish my first quickly, belligerently
I slide, feeling my mood falter, dip

Finally tired of goodbyes
This night, I choose alone.
I finish my first quickly, belligerently,
I feel my mood falter, dip…slide

Poem: Vauxhall Bridge

I hid my chapped lips,
The last vestige of winter
Save for the wind which blew tear tripping cold.
It ruffled the watery murk, blowing it across the vauxhall bridge traffic;
Now surreal by osmosis.

Later, balm smeared my wine glass.
Merlot hid the cracks,
And you painted a similar picture;
Something cold, and murky
And we didn’t give it a name.
We didn’t stop for dessert,
And I only had myself to blame.