Don’t Text When You’re Drunk

I blame laughter and Sauvignon Blanc; Friday night, an inept DJ. I wonder how you read my misspelled words. Did they whisper or shout at 2am? Mute in the light; grey and painful, Each idiom deciphered, pored over. Now expectancy fills the space in my chest, Heavy and humid like my damp flat. Present residue, … Continue reading Don’t Text When You’re Drunk


Poem: Sliding

I finish my first quickly, belligerently, Avoiding clock, phone, others. I feel my mood falter, dip...slide Belligerently, I quickly finish my first. I feel my mood falter, dip, slide Headlong toward the stinging place. I finish my first quickly, belligerently I slide, feeling my mood falter, dip Finally tired of goodbyes This night, I choose … Continue reading Poem: Sliding