Don’t Text When You’re Drunk

I blame laughter and Sauvignon Blanc; Friday night, an inept DJ. I wonder how you read my misspelled words. Did they whisper or shout at 2am? Mute in the light; grey and painful, Each idiom deciphered, pored over. Now expectancy fills the space in my chest, Heavy and humid like my damp flat. Present residue, … Continue reading Don’t Text When You’re Drunk

A ‘down’ day

So, I'm less than 100 metres from Church, sitting in All Bar One with my second large glass of wine... Now, worshipping God is not at the forefront of my mind, it's just the guilt that lingers. What's really making me want to go? Love? Not sure I'm feeling that at the moment. Actually, I'm … Continue reading A ‘down’ day

Poem: Sliding

I finish my first quickly, belligerently, Avoiding clock, phone, others. I feel my mood falter, dip...slide Belligerently, I quickly finish my first. I feel my mood falter, dip, slide Headlong toward the stinging place. I finish my first quickly, belligerently I slide, feeling my mood falter, dip Finally tired of goodbyes This night, I choose … Continue reading Poem: Sliding