AppleBad Apple

“So, what have we here?” His rubber glove made a ‘smack’ as it pinged back against his hairy wrist.

“Twenty five year old female. DOA. Paramedics are baffled.” His assistant replied.

He did a quick scan of her body, armpits, between the fingers and toes, behind her ears. He noted her flawless skin, full lips and glossy hair. “No obvious reason…” He murmured.

“Ok! Start with bloods please Alice.” He said briskly.

An hour later, but still way past the time when any right thinking person was still at the office, Alice was gathering what she needed for a dental cast.

Opening Jane Doe’s mouth, she tried to fit the casting agent in a good position for the mould. Annoyingly, one of the gummy cushions fell out, and into the dead girl’s throat.

“Bugger!” She said, reaching for a pair of forceps. She managed to retrieve it, but in so doing, noticed something else in the shadows of the girl’s throat.

“What the..?” She held the piece of apple up to the light. It reminded her of something…


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