Poem: You’re just not that into me

I’d resorted to using a website For lack of natural introductions, (a curse of a more modern age). In my naïveté, I thought it more honest, A chance for virtual reciprocation, or, where a tangible love could bloom. So, after searching for the right date site (and this took much procrastination!) I found one with … Continue reading Poem: You’re just not that into me


Don’t Text When You’re Drunk

I blame laughter and Sauvignon Blanc; Friday night, an inept DJ. I wonder how you read my misspelled words. Did they whisper or shout at 2am? Mute in the light; grey and painful, Each idiom deciphered, pored over. Now expectancy fills the space in my chest, Heavy and humid like my damp flat. Present residue, … Continue reading Don’t Text When You’re Drunk

Blasé about dirty windows

I hit a learning curve today. What happens when you roll out of church at 1.30ish on an extremely sunny Sunday and realise you’ve not made plans to see anyone that day? Panic? Another thing to add to the list of things i miss now that i'm not in a relationship. To be honest, i'd … Continue reading Blasé about dirty windows