Poem: Dorset

White horses met us on the shore. We; wind whipped and wide eyed, Braced to meet their thundering gait. Not the romantic amble I'd hoped; The jutting Jurassic coastline stole my gaze, The violent air took your words away. And although your hand clutched mine, Your wonder was at the force of nature, Which pushed … Continue reading Poem: Dorset


Poem: Heart for you

I dreamed of one with a heart for you How i prayed, full on, shopping list Bespoke boxes, ticks, previewed, I totally. Missed. A point. You craved for my heart to be for you Giving first, faithful, loving pure, Soulful soul mate, fixed, renewed You eagerly, stressed the point. Lies have kept me apart from … Continue reading Poem: Heart for you

A First…

Dry umbrella, sniff of summer, An invasion of butterflies. The strangest feeling Planning a meeting By internet with emoticon smiles. You were late, our first date. So, i settle with a glass of wine. Suppress exclamation, Quell expectation, But I text ‘I’m fine’. I like the buzzing, gentle muzzy Feel of the trendy gastro bar. … Continue reading A First…

Poem: You’re just not that into me

I’d resorted to using a website For lack of natural introductions, (a curse of a more modern age). In my naïveté, I thought it more honest, A chance for virtual reciprocation, or, where a tangible love could bloom. So, after searching for the right date site (and this took much procrastination!) I found one with … Continue reading Poem: You’re just not that into me

Poem: Your eyes disappointed me most.

Two years ago i found out my husband of five months had cheated on me. Happy Anniversary: Your eyes disappointed me most. What I mistook for deep wells of honesty, Were actually fathomless pools of regret. And, each declaration you bestowed on me Was your own, furtive lament. Now i bow to you, awesome piece … Continue reading Poem: Your eyes disappointed me most.

Don’t Text When You’re Drunk

I blame laughter and Sauvignon Blanc; Friday night, an inept DJ. I wonder how you read my misspelled words. Did they whisper or shout at 2am? Mute in the light; grey and painful, Each idiom deciphered, pored over. Now expectancy fills the space in my chest, Heavy and humid like my damp flat. Present residue, … Continue reading Don’t Text When You’re Drunk