Facebook marks a year…

Fb marks a year:

A year of uncertainty and indelible hope,

Of discovering unlikely heroes

And acts of beautiful kindness.

Not just crying at adverts, but the news as well.

Throwing tantrums at school work – watched curiously by my five year old.

Discovering a hate for Google Classroom

A year of working at my dining table,

Taking breaks to cook, put washing on or clean the house

A conference online, courses online, everyone online – and Zoom!

The hottest summer…

A year of lateral ways of new memory making

More hugs, bigger love and saying more often; I Love You, I Miss You.

A year of thankful, thankful, thankful

For my husband and especially step kids

Who stepped up when I smashed the spinning plates.

For family Whatsapp

I’m thankful for sewing and watercolour and prettyflower.

And rainbow bags of surprises

For bookclub and church home group

And for the people who’ve kept my mushy brain SANE! (…to an extent)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You x

Oh, and those people, who grabbed the loo roll and pasta? I often wonder about them…


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