Poem: Baby has a cold

Baby has cold. Baby has a cold; watery eyes, Snotty nose. Staccato cough. Cough. Cough. Baby has a cold; Mucus covered lullabies, halt. The night-light dim dimming in the day, And bunny lies lonely by his head. Baby has a cold; Baby's in bed. Out of bed, in my arms. Baby cries. Red eyes, Rosie … Continue reading Poem: Baby has a cold


Poem: You’re just not that into me

I’d resorted to using a website For lack of natural introductions, (a curse of a more modern age). In my naïveté, I thought it more honest, A chance for virtual reciprocation, or, where a tangible love could bloom. So, after searching for the right date site (and this took much procrastination!) I found one with … Continue reading Poem: You’re just not that into me