Peri- what?

I’m writing 250 words a day on any topic that comes to mind. Write with as much brevity and simplicity as possible in 30 minutes and then stop. Spend another 30 mins sorting out the posting to a website and finding a picture. Then post to social media There’s me. I’m in the college loos. … Continue reading Peri- what?

Transform Me

Your fingertips shaped Creation, And what was good is perfect. Intentional inspiration; more than worthy of respect. Extravagant your bestowing Light, entity, a deluge of galaxies. Meticulous Designer, fore-knowing Scrutiny, query in life’s galleries. Indulgent Father, I create anarchy An unintentioned disposition Still, you relinquish your love to me Lavishly, at your own volition. Reshape … Continue reading Transform Me

No room for self doubt

I had a thought; in between the madness of work over the last few weeks. It was like a scolding fork prodding my left bum cheek. The thought was simply; why? Yes, yes..i’ve had it before. Many a time if fact, when talking about my ex. But this time it miraculously resonated with the answer. … Continue reading No room for self doubt