Peri- what?

There’s me. I’m in the college loos. I’m 19 years old, and I'm jumping up and down, hoping my period will start.  It’s not even actually due. I haven’t a clue about my body. Cycle? What’s that? I’m in my first serious relationship, with my first love. His name is K*. He was rather lovely. … Continue reading Peri- what?


Transform Me

Your fingertips shaped Creation, And what was good is perfect. Intentional inspiration; more than worthy of respect. Extravagant your bestowing Light, entity, a deluge of galaxies. Meticulous Designer, fore-knowing Scrutiny, query in life’s galleries. Indulgent Father, I create anarchy An unintentioned disposition Still, you relinquish your love to me Lavishly, at your own volition. Reshape … Continue reading Transform Me

No room for self doubt

I had a thought; in between the madness of work over the last few weeks. It was like a scolding fork prodding my left bum cheek. The thought was simply; why? Yes, yes..i’ve had it before. Many a time if fact, when talking about my ex. But this time it miraculously resonated with the answer. … Continue reading No room for self doubt