The Conversation

I talk first, so you don’t ask. See? No, you don’t. I talk first, so you don’t have to. I’m. So. Tired. I talk. And talk. If you could spare me from, Anxiety? Whatdoisaynext TomakeYOUfeelbetter? I TALK. Like water over me. Engulfing. Waves of conversation. I talk first, one hand. Behind me. See? No. Not … Continue reading The Conversation

The cold light of day

Breathing in the early morning. The freshest of air. Air nobody’s yet breathed.  Breathing in, my curls bounce over my shoulders. I catch the smell of alcohol and cigarettes escaping my ringlets.  Did you ever realise that as you breathe deeply your head naturally tips up and you find yourself looking at the sky?  This … Continue reading The cold light of day