Poem: I left you sleeping

I left you sleeping to worship Our God in heaven. I left your warmth and comfort And walked into the cold wind And the icy rain. But when I sat before God And asked him to bless you, To greatly bless you A new comfort, like no other Settled over me. A love, like no … Continue reading Poem: I left you sleeping

Poem: Let me count the ways

Let me count the ways you love me... An eon’s not enough in time. You call me, call me, call me. And I continue to hide. While your love spans the ages, And I have turned away You love me, love me, love me. But I never stay. It's only when I'm on my knees … Continue reading Poem: Let me count the ways


We prayed you into the world.  Our love for each other, And our faith in our Creator Were the spark of a light That will now never be extinguished. That light grows, like you in my womb More than love – something else… An awareness that you, little you, Will change our lives forever. We … Continue reading Baby


They walked slowly out of the building; through its long shadows, down the stark white steps and into the sunshine. It was only then he realised how chilled the stone had been, and how muffled the sound as it’d bounced around the cavernous architecture. He glanced up at the arch as they came out under … Continue reading Untitled…