Peri- what?

I’m writing 250 words a day on any topic that comes to mind. Write with as much brevity and simplicity as possible in 30 minutes and then stop. Spend another 30 mins sorting out the posting to a website and finding a picture. Then post to social media

There’s me. I’m in the college loos. I’m 19 years old, and I’m jumping up and down, hoping my period will start. 

It’s not even actually due. I haven’t a clue about my body. Cycle? What’s that?

I’m in my first serious relationship, with my first love. His name is Ken. He was rather lovely. (he’s probably still lovely). 

Fast forward 21 years (or so) and i’m married to Jon. We have a one year old boy and we’re trying for our second child.  But it’s just not happening. It never happened. Who knew…it’s actually really hard to get pregnant?

There’s a few bones I’d like to pick with my Mother, and ‘my sister’s in arms’. There are so many issues that, only in hindsight I realise had been ‘out of bounds’. Topics we never quite got round to talking about. Periods, child labour…and the Menopause!

So, now in my mid 40’s, and bleeding four weeks at a time, and with a constant feeling that someone behind me is dragging their nails down a blackboard; Google had told me about the Perimenopause. Peri? Menopause?

It’s taken four months of bleeding, dishing out of blood stopping drugs and painkillers to be referred by my GP to a gynecologist…and here we are. Perimenopause.

Hopefully, and here’s the prayer point, it’s that simple. That the hysteroscopy will come back ‘normal’ (whatever that is) and that the pain will clear up with the introduction of a foreign body to my womb. The Mirena Coil.

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