You miss me most when you're craving Your heart of discontent And then you cry you're worth saving On this, i daily lament. It hurts to see you head strong When your heart is so very weak. All sacrifice seems worthless. I long For the prayer which you never speak. All I ask is that … Continue reading Headstrong

£2 is not a lot

I have £2 in my bank account, this should last me to the end of the month. No, that’s not a typo. And yes, it's only the 19th... I'd have never envisaged just how many things you actually have to deal with when you separate from someone. We had a home, shared bills and bank … Continue reading £2 is not a lot

I hate weddings

I didn’t take a single photo. And it was a beautiful wedding. The fact that it was at All Souls, and it’s April…grated on me. And if I’m totally honest – I hated every minute. Please don’t tell the bride. I left the evening reception rather abruptly – dashing out Cinderella-esq after a lovely comment … Continue reading I hate weddings