Ask a question…

I'm moved that there are some Christian Churches and organisations out there that for them, nothing is too much trouble. All Souls Church proclaims their website to have the bible at its heart; "We believe that a personal relationship with God through Christ is at the heart of who we are and that we are … Continue reading Ask a question…


Love Thy Neighbour

With Christmas over I'm thinking of the people i should have contacted, but have not over the festive period. Guiltily, those few are probably most in need of a friendly phone call; and I've purposely not called as i know the conversation will be stilted and leaning towards them venting their unlucky lot in life. … Continue reading Love Thy Neighbour

Finding my Passion

All Souls has been talking up 'a Passion for Life' - the Nationwide initiative starting in March next year that's set to draw churches together for a series of evangelical events. I'm looking forward to it. It reminds me of Billy Graham, back in the 90s, the reason that my family started going to North … Continue reading Finding my Passion