Finding my Passion

All Souls has been talking up ‘a Passion for Life‘ – the Nationwide initiative starting in March next year that’s set to draw churches together for a series of evangelical events. I’m looking forward to it. It reminds me of Billy Graham, back in the 90s, the reason that my family started going to North Cheam Baptist Church.

And so I picked up a couple of ‘London’s Biggest Survey Ever’ leaflets and gave it them to the girls back in the office. The younger, a Celebrity Exec, was genuinely inspired by it. “Only one questions?” she asked..”But what if I have more than one?”
I laughed, “Fill in two surveys then!”

I’m still waiting to hear what my boss thinks of it all? She says she’s Catholic..

We got to talking about what ‘a Passion for Life” would be like, and she watched the short film on the website which explains everything – and eventually the conversation turned to Christian music. – would there be celebs there? Famous Christian bands? We counted a few, sorry to say, uninspiring celebs we knew who are Christians; Cliff Richard, Whitney Houston (but she’s probably not a practising Christian? right?..Unfortunately she’s not heard of the likes of Tim Hughes, Delirious? or Casting Crowns

She’s into rap..and found a REALLY bad video on Youtube – i’ve been traumatised, sorry and can’t remember who it was, but then she found this fantastic rapper called God’s Block.

I listen to the Worship Central podcast every month – which i think is mainly for Worship Leaders (of which i’m not) – but i LOVE it! I only know of one UK Christian Radio station – Premier Radio doesn’t feature more contemporary – i know they pop a couple medium paced worship songs into Inspirational Breakfast – but what of Christian Rock, or Rap? I’d love to get the survey results on who the Premier Radio listener is.


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