I went to Vegas

I went to Vegas

Vegas weddings are not what I thought they’d be. The first thing everyone kept asking me when I said I was going to one was, “Is it in one of those chapels?” And, “will there be an Elvis?” And so…I expected to see an Elvis. I didn’t see one, the whole time I was there! (I feel a little robbed!)

But, much like I’d guessed, everything is OTT. I stayed at the Luxor, the only pyramid shaped hotel on the strip. It’s huge…with darkened windows that glisten black in the sunlight…and Obsidian at night. Its summit throws a shaft of light into the night sky that can be seen for miles…I saw it from the Stratosphere, although that’s just four miles apart.

I went to Venice, Paris, Luxor and New York, all were huge and over stated. And, once you get past the theme, they’re all the same; a hotel with a huge casino, places to eat and lots of bars! Although, there were a few that took my breath away.

I loved the Bellagio for the Chinese New Year Exhibit and cocktails at the Petrossian Lounge. The Mandalay Bay for Shark Reef and Mix Bar (and the wedding!), New York New York for the Roller Coaster. Oh, and Stratosphere for the rides…

Vegas: the atmosphere matched nicely with the state of my head. I won’t make excuses…I also won’t divulge – I’ll leave that to the textile bound pages by my bed (although you can probably guess, by the omittance) It’s a 24/7, unforgiving place. And I was secretly glad I’d been let down by another of the bride’s girlfriends, leaving me with a room of my own. I could retreat…if it got too much.

This might be me trying to justify my insane existence, especially since I proclaim to be a practising Christian. But I just want to let you know; whosoever should be reading my not-so-secret-thoughts, that I am human. (as was JC) and that I pray and pray every day. And…I don’t know whether, like I say, this is in my head (crikey..I’m getting more incoherent with honesty) but, a voice in my heart says, ‘one step at a time’.

For example…I didn’t buy wine on the way home this evening. And I’ve logged out of Second Life. I’m writing my poetry again, and endeavouring to be ‘honest’ in my blog. I think, Christian or no – whoever looks at me, reads me…should see me for who i am. Not sure why…just seems important.

Anyway – pics will explain the rest of Vegas. I want to go back and do the Grand Canyon.


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