Jesus did not die on the cross. Discuss.

I’ve just read an article from the Telegraph; ‘Jesus did not die on the cross, says scholar’ posted 23 June 2010.

Gunnar Samuelsson has investigated the language used to describe the death of Christ – and deduced that the word ‘Cross’ and ‘Crucifixion’ in the biblical terms as we know it, is wrong.
My first response to ‘newly graduated’ theologian Gunnar Samuelsson was that he was trying to get himself published to earn his grant moneys. Then, as I read more, the fact that he’s a committed Christian nearly made me fall off my chair.

Like an imperceptible tirade, I could hear it; those smug agnostics and atheists saying ‘I told you so’… more so if the Red Tops get hold of the story.

The atoning death and resurrection of Jesus are the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. If either failed to occur Christianity would be null and void. But then, Samuelsson is not actually saying it failed to occur, he’s questioning how it occurred. What then are the marked repercussions if such a claim proved truth?

The danger here is those people who will not think between the lines and take a headline at face value. It must have been a quiet day on the Religious desk at the Telegraph for the journo to stop and peruse this story.


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