Poem: I left you sleeping

I left you sleeping to worship Our God in heaven. I left your warmth and comfort And walked into the cold wind And the icy rain. But when I sat before God And asked him to bless you, To greatly bless you A new comfort, like no other Settled over me. A love, like no … Continue reading Poem: I left you sleeping

Poem: Let me count the ways

Let me count the ways you love me... An eon’s not enough in time. You call me, call me, call me. And I continue to hide. While your love spans the ages, And I have turned away You love me, love me, love me. But I never stay. It's only when I'm on my knees … Continue reading Poem: Let me count the ways


We prayed you into the world.  Our love for each other, And our faith in our Creator Were the spark of a light That will now never be extinguished. That light grows, like you in my womb More than love – something else… An awareness that you, little you, Will change our lives forever. We … Continue reading Baby

Poem: Dorset

White horses met us on the shore. We; wind whipped and wide eyed, Braced to meet their thundering gait. Not the romantic amble I'd hoped; The jutting Jurassic coastline stole my gaze, The violent air took your words away. And although your hand clutched mine, Your wonder was at the force of nature, Which pushed … Continue reading Poem: Dorset