Riots? Tooting is quiet

If I believed everything on Facebook, London’s on fire. There’s a red mist that’s descended on Londoners, Particularly those struggling to make ends meet and looking for an excuse to hit out against the authority who were voted in to ‘make things better’.

The only thing is, those looting and rioting have lost track of the real issue; a 29 year old man called Mark Duggan was shot dead by police in Tottenham last week. He was a passenger in a mini cab. It’s just a spark, I’m sure their have been many before. But the tinder is terribly dry…

Today, Words failed me. And I’m not exaggerating. The world has gone inexplicably mad.

My brother has exploded – I really don’t want to guess what’s really going on in his head, but he’s split with his girlfriend and ended up with 13 hours in a police cell. He’s eeking havoc between two families. Everything is melting around our ears.

As I write, riots have not only hit tottenham and Brixton over the weekend, but Croydon, Lewisham, Sutton, Collier’s Wood and Mitcham today.

Serendipity instigated two random meetings in Waterloo station. One with an old Concorde client.. (on a date), the other with an old friend (dinner booked for thurs with he and his wife)

…and the girls – It was so nice to see them. But all I could really think about was my depleting bank balance. (do you think the looters are in the same position? Broke and worried about finance?) I’ve a feeling Market man won’t pay me for the work I’ve done this month. And, whenever he calls now, he’s just wringing out the last he can of me…

The world has gone mad… But Tooting is unusually quiet…


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