A Little Stressed? Are You KIDDING Me?!

sharon harriott

I had a dream last night about the poetry events i’m working on for Michael Horovitz and Alexander De Cadenet. In it, i was was making calls, and sending email after email to journalists with a growing sense of apprehension.

Weird dreams..the spot that’s erupted on my cheek this morning…i must be stressed!

And this isn’t even taking the wedding plans into account! My Facebook status asked the question: Can i get out of table planning by putting on a game of Musical Chairs for the wedding? I have a suspicion that maybe not.

My to do list:
Find a florist
Buy a Bridesmaid dress, plus the Flower Girls and Page Boys
Tally the Tables
Dig out a DJ
Save the Dates – (are these lost in the post or what?!!)
Write the wording for the invites

Getting off the tube this morning – i stepped out on to a wet and windy Oxford Circus. It was a bit miserable – but as i slipped on the wet pavement i nearly cried! If that wasn’t bad enough – the Big Issue seller turned to me and said – ‘you falling for me love?’ – but instead of scowling, i laughed!

I’ve been contemplating getting a tattoo – well it was meant to be just the one. Now, i’m thinking of having a bible verse on my wrist as well – 1 John 4:10.

Mum’ll kill me.


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