Little Old Ladies

PoachEgg2I might be visiting little old ladies soon. It’s something I’d not thought of doing before…

More respectfully speaking – not reading an email properly has led me to meet up With Roger Salisbury at All Souls, who looks after Pastoral care at the Church. He’s organising members to ‘visit’ elderly members   who can’t get out anymore. Some of which have been attending All Souls for over 50 years.

I’ve only worked with the elderly once before. I briefly volunteered work at an old people’s home when I was about 16 years old. I remember the musty smell of the place: the ancient looking lady who always came to ask me if I had seen her daughter, and the harassed looking staff in crumpled blue uniforms. 

I was in charge of cooking their tea. It’s how I learned how to make poached eggs in a pan of boiling water. I can’t even remember why I left.

And so…with this new opportunity to ‘get involved’ and give up the Eastenders Omnibus (is there anything more depressing on tele these days?) I’m wanting to try really hard this time and show a bit more commitment (being 17 years on and all!)

Daffodils, marble cake, and scrabble? Roger Salisbury advised conversation and a whole heap of honesty. If you don’t think you can deliver something – don’t offer to try and do it. You’ll just be letting yourself and the person on the receiving end down.


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