Pride comes before ‘I told you so’…

So my boss has been dumped (again). This time it IS over – she came into the office in floods of tears again today. Dark glasses on, hair swept up…

I really didn’t know whether to sympathise with her, which would be exactly what she wants – or to give her some tough love. This would mean reminding her of all the name calling and hurt feelings over the last year or so. It feels a little like a scene from Groundhog day around here!

The only tie she has with this man is his £1m house and long weekend lifestyle. I’m not judging… at least, I’m trying not to. But there’s more to life than hurt pride, isn’t there…?
I’d started Fellowship Group last night with a mixed bag of feelings.

1. Disappointment: New Hubby had been off work ill. I’m not unsupportive of him, or unsympathetic – but i sometimes find him somewhat ‘woosified’. I can only put this down to my dear old dad, who would get himself to work and graft a full day even if he had the flu, or a smashed up finger. I think the only time he took time off, and that had to be booked as holiday, was to bury his mum and dad when they passed.

2. Anxiousness: I was ‘cooking’ for the group yesterday evening – and had planned the meal, roasting a chicken to have cold with salad that evening. I grew more anxious as i bustled around the kitchen, calling on NH to carve up the chicken, and drafting in another to chop cucumber and spring onions while i prepared cous cous with avocados. I couldn’t get the Jesus’ story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42 ) out of my head. Even as I was invited to say the Grace before we ate, part of me felt that I needed to pull myself together and get in the right frame of ‘Peace’ to accept God in our evening.

3. Indignation: Now I didn’t feel fully indignant, and I should also add ‘part judgmental’ to this. We’ve had a new member start and she’s having an awful time of it. With work and personal life crossing into one another she’s seriously stressed. So, most of the evening was taken up by her story – and why is God not answering her when she’s asking him what to do about her situation?

I was sobered out of my selfishness by a couple I admire so much it hurts. He wouldn’t tell our new lady what to do, or give advice as such, but directed her to what God may be saying to her. He picked out passages from the bible (he knew them from memory) that seemed key in her situation; while his wife kept directing her back to not beating herself up about the situation, but to take note of what her husband was saying and be prayerful.

Will I ever learn to be as gracious?


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