Little Old Ladies

PoachEgg2I might be visiting little old ladies soon. It’s something I’d not thought of doing before…

More respectfully speaking – not reading an email properly has led me to meet up With Roger Salisbury at All Souls, who looks after Pastoral care at the Church. He’s organising members to ‘visit’ elderly members   who can’t get out anymore. Some of which have been attending All Souls for over 50 years.

I’ve only worked with the elderly once before. I briefly volunteered work at an old people’s home when I was about 16 years old. I remember the musty smell of the place: the ancient looking lady who always came to ask me if I had seen her daughter, and the harassed looking staff in crumpled blue uniforms. 

I was in charge of cooking their tea. It’s how I learned how to make poached eggs in a pan of boiling water. I can’t even remember why I left.

And so…with this new opportunity to ‘get involved’ and give up the Eastenders Omnibus (is there anything more depressing on tele these days?) I’m wanting to try really hard this time and show a bit more commitment (being 17 years on and all!)

Daffodils, marble cake, and scrabble? Roger Salisbury advised conversation and a whole heap of honesty. If you don’t think you can deliver something – don’t offer to try and do it. You’ll just be letting yourself and the person on the receiving end down.

Appropriate behaviour

Table for 2 A recent incident has had me thinking about the definition of ‘appropriate behaviour’.  An old fashioned notion…or, is it?

For ages I’ve been meaning to meet up with a male ex work friend for a catch up – and last night our diaries finally coincided. We’d bantered over email about timings and venue, settling on Strada (2 for 1 pizza!!) .

Admittedly..(and here is the first instance of my being inappropriate), because I’d had to wait an hour for him, I’d already had a glass of wine when he finally arrived. I’d been people watching – it was a bright and balmy evening.

With the conversation on work, redundancies and mutual friends – i’d settled into ‘relaxed’ mode when he clocked my engagement ring.

“You’re engaged?!” His eyes were pizza round.

I suddenly felt stripped. What had he been thinking all this time? Worse still; what did he think I had been thinking? He’s single, and is obviously up for dating – maybe he thought we were on a DATE!!

Replaying our conversations I cringed; I can be flirtations and familiar with friends, especially once I’ve had a glass of wine.  I wouldn’t have blamed him for thinking I’d led him on.

Of course, once I’d shown him a picture of my fiancé and we’d laughed at him being out of the loop in not knowing about him, we where fine. He stopped with the innuendos, and I had another glass of wine.

So today had be thinking – Plato must have been a Christian. ‘Platonic’ friendship – or Plato’s theory of love refers to a relationship where there’s no form of sexual interest at all; just as Jesus taught:

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another (John 13:34)

And, if I may repeat myself: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 (I mentioned this yesterday)

‘God’s will is that we should be sanctified’.

Eddie Murphy…and ponderings on Christianity Explored

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy stars in a new film coming out just after Father’s Day. It’s called Imagine That – and has the cutest little girl playing alongside him, Yara Shahidi. Impressions last though – and I can’t help but judge him against news stories a few years ago with regards to his treatment of Melanie Brown (now married to Stephen Belafonte) and his subsequent estrangement from the daughter they have together.

Thinking about Eddie Murphy’s actions made me think of 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 (the subject of which Hugh Palmer spoke about at All Souls gave on Sunday 24th ) ‘ God’s will is that we should be sanctified’ – not an easy thing in this day and age; when it’s ‘normal’ to have relationships – and abnormal to be abstinent. Even refusing an alcoholic drink in a pub issues weird glances these days! “Are you ok?”…”You’re not pregnant are you?”

But I can see the reason for it. It saves the heart ache – and complications that result from brief relationships that can result in children.

I look forward to my Wednesday evenings at the moment. Usually a blah in the week, with the only note of optimism being that it’s a day closer to the weekend, it’s now the night that I meet Darren after work for a quick drink and then off to Christianity Explored.

CE at All Souls is for peeps who have questions about Christianity; those big questions that are a wall against faith and understanding.  I’m praying that Darren is asking all of his questions, and so that he can at least start peeping over the wall.

We’re spread across 8 different tables with leaders who help us with queries. The evening starts with a meal (cooked by an ex-Claridges chef!) and then there are talks and discussions.

Yesterday, there was a woman who had a whole heap of questions…the only problem was that instead of asking them within her group she kept shouting out her queries while Michael Hull, who leads the evenings, was trying to give his talk.

She was aggressive and confrontational – and I immediately jumped to the conclusion that she playing devil’s advocate to prove CE a farce. Darren pointed out to me that she was Polish – and probably didn’t fully understand Mike’s strand of thought, or didn’t understand English very well.

I’ll leave my armour at home next time.

It’s busy in London

A small office in the heart of Soho..

There’s a whole street of porn shops down the road (past Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet Shoppe). And, if i jostle through the site seers, suits and homeless, I’m suddenly in the main thoroughfare of the music, magazine and film industries.

In the evening, most of the restaurants will put out big black sacks and boxes full of left over food, scraps and wrappers.

The pubs and clubs will start to hum with the sound of drinkers and drunks.

It’s busy in London.